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Hi everyone, my name is Brad Powers and I lead the Navigation, Mapping, Localization, Obstacle Detection, and Calibration teams as a Director of Engineering here at Third Wave Automation. Basically that means I work with the engineering team to develop the roadmap, manage execution, and come up with innovative solutions to the problems we encounter. 

But more about me personally, I grew up in Parker, Colorado and went to Olin College of Engineering (shout out to my class of 2010!) I’m a fairly avid (but super slow) cyclist, and have been enjoying exploring the bay trail and other gravel trails in the area. Before joining Third Wave, I worked at CyPhy Works with tethered autonomous drones, dabbled in underwater robots with Bluefin Robotics (now General Dynamic Mission Systems), full size autonomous aircraft at Merlin Labs and most relevant would be the, five and a half years at Locus Robotics which focused on warehouse robots. While in this industry, I found it to be really exciting, challenging and extremely timely. Not only that, there was a constant need and no real substitution for autonomous forklifts. When I interviewed with Third Wave, I was interested about the product and the role, but also the super talented team which I later learned to also be really down to earth, fun and amazing people. I’ve been with Third Wave now for about 14 months and am excited to continue on this journey with them.

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