About Us

Third Wave Automation (TWA) was founded in 2018 in Union City, CA, to alleviate increasing supply chain stress using intelligent automation products and services. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to create its Shared Autonomy Platform, TWA brings people and automated systems together to improve throughput, efficiency, and safety beyond what either people or automation could achieve alone.

The Shared Autonomy Platform combines hybrid autonomous vehicles, intelligent fleet management, remote operation, and assistance capabilities to provide holistic materials handling solutions that improve over time. TWA’s platform requires no infrastructure upgrades, integrates into existing workflows, and delivers immediate value to customers on deployment.


Our values shape our company culture and feature in our product design.


We put safety first in everything we do. Our safety-first ethos is reflected in our products which are designed to automate work’s most dangerous tasks.


We’re committed to the continuous learning. We are always improving of our processes and products.


We empower our employees to be innovative problem solvers with ownership of their work and outcomes. And we empower our customers to work safer, more efficiently, and more effectively.


We’re here to roll up our sleeves and work, as efficiently as possible. We’re innovative, hard working, and results oriented. We provide our customers with tools that support these same values in their own work environments.


We are committed to designing products that give you workflow insights that help facilitate adoption and create opportunities for improvement.


You can count on us to deliver high-quality, reliable products that work.