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We are a small team of diverse scientists and engineers on a mission to make the world work better using shared autonomy to multiply human potential.

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Our Core Values


We consider safety in everything we do.


We care about our teammates as people.


We encourage teaching, asking questions, and sharing opinions.


We are transparent and sincere in our actions.
“I joined Third Wave because of the great team of extremely talented engineers, diverse expertise, great work culture, management that cares for employees and on top of all a very innovative automation solution that impacts warehouse safety/efficiency greatly.”

Rajath - Robot Reliability Engineer
“I joined Third Wave because I wanted to try working at a startup, and autonomous forklifts sounded like a pretty fun thing to work on. The problem is constrained enough to be solvable but open enough to be interesting.”

Greg - Senior Software Engineer

By the Numbers

"The best part of Third Wave is the people. I like that we start meetings off with random facts that people find interesting. And that we have a whole Slack channel devoted to acknowledging what others are accomplishing. Also people are always willing to help out and answer questions."

Liz - People, Culture, and Product
“The team and culture makes working at Third Wave a dream. My coworkers are some of the smartest and most dependable people I've ever worked with. I feel like I am constantly learning from them and being challenged to be the best collaborator I can be.”

Ethan - Senior Software Engineer
“The best part about working at Third Wave is the TEAM!!! I love being surrounded with and working with the amazing people at Third Wave. I'm constantly inspired and impressed with the brilliant people here.”

Jeremy - Software Engineer

Perks & Benefits

Comprehensive Benefits
Health, dental, vision—we’ve got you and your dependents covered.
Show & Tell
We love to learn from the team and see the cool stuff everyone’s working on so we show it off in bi-monthly sessions.
Free Lunch Every Day
...and sometimes dinner when we’re hanging out late and need to recharge our batteries.
Flexible Working Schedule
Be productive when you work best, no strict office hours. Take time when you need time, and send pics from vacation!

Stacks of Snacks
Donuts are the main food group around here and the snack shelf is always stocked.
Great Teammates
We share a lot of hobbies and share random facts to start each meeting.

“The team is friendly, pragmatic, and great to work with.  It really feels like we have each others backs here at Third Wave. I am able to work on what I want to work on, from where I want to work, with the people I want to work with. I feel I am both learning and able to enact positive change at Third Wave.”

Trevor - Calibration/SLAM
“We work on problems that are very interesting and practical, and we are always making progress towards an achievable goal. Third Wave has a really great, collaborative team, and is open to suggestions not only in regards to engineering, but also in regards to culture.”

Daniel - Perception Engineer

DOs & DONT's

  • Encourage learning and asking questions
  • Debate the best type of sparkling water
  • Celebrate wins and milestones
  • Slay dragons and krakens (in dnd)
  • Make things, make things even better
  • Sacrifice safety
  • Prioritize work over life
  • Let egos get in the way of progress
  • Start meetings without a random fact
  • Judge others for that extra cup of coffee
"The leadership is smart and capable. The team is small, so I will have a huge impact on the product, which is great. My interests and long term goals align perfectly well with that of the company, so it made perfect sense.”

Abhishek - Deployment Engineer
I joined Third Wave because of the culture and opportunity to release a robot into the real world that does real things.

Ammar - Robot Reliability Engineer