The Most Advanced Automated Material Handling System

Adaptive Automation

Third Wave solves the problems caused by brittle, rigid robot systems.

Handles It All

  • Any pallet or payload
  • Any location from the floor to the rack
  • Learns each location’s unique spatial and material configuration
  • Gets smarter over time
  • Adjusts to machine changes (wear/tear, maintenance, etc.) over time

Visionary Perception

  • Free-space navigation (no guidepath required)
  • 3D LIDAR detects static and dynamic obstacles
  • Dynamically adapts to changes in environment, route planning on the fly

Rapid Deployment

Because the system is fully aware and easily trained, deployment time is days instead of weeks and requires fewer repeat visits - minimizing costs and interruptions.

Continuous Improvement

Misplaced pallet? No problem. The system will sort it out with an operator’s help, if needed, and learn how to handle the challenge autonomously next time.

Safety First

By taking the people off the vehicles, the system improves safety for the operator and the operation as a whole.

Customizes Itself

Initially learns each location’s processes, floorplans, rack and pallet configurations, reducing customization costs and allowing the system to respond to layout changes, etc.

Fits In Anywhere

With continual route re-planning, the system can be used in environments where there are people and other handling equipment moving about.

Shared Autonomy

A breakthrough in human-machine interaction, Shared Autonomy multiplies human potential by allowing an operator to manage multiple vehicles.

Remote Control

  • Third Wave’s system utilizes a software-based control station to give operators oversight of 10 or more vehicles each
  • When a vehicle encounters a challenging situation it will send a Robot Guidance Request to the operator and learn how to navigate the challenge next time based on the operator’s guidance
  • The station allows operators to monitor the system in fully automated mode and intervene using remote control mode whenever there’s a difficult situation

Operator Assistance

  • Software-based task management and sequencing lowers costs and increases throughput
  • Remote guidance decreases time to resolve because the system doesn’t need a person to physically reset the vehicle
  • Keeping a person in the operating loop means that the system can be more flexible versus rigid/hard-coded systems


By sharing autonomy, one operator is capable of managing 10 or more vehicles simultaneously allowing sites to increase throughput per labor hour.

Move More, Safely

With lower resolution times and a higher range of capabilities, shared autonomy yields dramatic increases in pallet moves per hour while improving safety.

Full Speed

3D LIDAR sensors mean vehicles can safely operate at higher speeds than those that utilize 2D perception systems, improving throughput.

Continuous Learning

The Third Wave Automation system relies on machine learning to continuously learn how to navigate new challenges. It’s a robust solution on Day 1 and even more robust on Day 100.

Teachable Moments

Each time a vehicle encounters a challenge, it can ask an operator what to do. The next time the vehicle encounters that challenge, it will be able to overcome the challenge automatically.

It’s the Network

The system learns from operator guidance on site, but can also leverage the whole network of Third Wave systems to find solutions to common problems. Together, we all benefit from the global deployment of shared autonomy.

Increasingly Robust

System confidence increases over time, so that the need for remote guidance goes down. Where other systems fear edge cases, this system is made stronger by conquering them.

Building the Future

We have an ambitious roadmap: improving and supporting ever increasing workflows from receipt through shipping, from the key processes in the middle of the warehouse out to the docks.

strategic partner

And we’ve enlisted Toyota Industries Corporation as a strategic partner to help us build the future faster. Learn more about our partnership with Toyota