Who is Third Wave Automation?

We are a Silicon Valley based startup focused on material handling automation. Material handling touches our lives in ways we rarely think about, from groceries to the cars we drive.  When talking to potential customers, having a safe and reliable solution to their staffing needs is imperative. In warehousing, employee turnover is anywhere from 50-150% a year! By adding in automation we not only help ease this burden but put people on higher-value operations. Robots are really good at repetitive tasks and that’s where we plan on using them. 

So what is this solution?

Our first focus is taking people off the forklifts and making them fleet managers. Through Shared Autonomy we utilize human expertise. Vehicles will execute tasks and if they encounter an unusual situation, the operator provides feedback. As the system experiences more instances it will learn and improve its capabilities. This frees up operators to oversee multiple forklifts at once. 

What makes you different from other solutions in the market?

Our shared autonomy platform.  Having this adds an extra safety layer if the system is ever unsure of how to proceed. Our system goes beyond obstacle detection, with dynamic obstacle avoidance. If something blocks our path we slow to a stop, check the surroundings, and proceed if safe to do so. This allows a human to cross our path safely but doesn’t stop our progress if there happens to be a rogue payload blocking our route. 

Our system works in all types of material handling environments. We can seamlessly integrate with current warehouse setups and with human-operated vehicles.

How are you able to do this?

We have a great team of Machine Learning, Robotics, Hardware, Operations, and Material Handling experts! 

How has Covid-19 affected your development?

A good portion of our work has moved nicely to work from home. Testing and hardware development has stayed on site. Safety is always a focus for us and we have limited the employees onsite depending on what our local government has deemed necessary. When we go to external facilities we take all the necessary precautions and make sure that those employees quarantine for 14 days upon return.

Want to learn more information?

Fill out the form on our website or shoot us an email at info@thirdwave.ai

Also, we’re hiring!

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