Multiply Human Potential with Autonomous Forklifts

Multiply Human Potential with Autonomous Forklifts

Multiply your workforce’s potential with the industry’s first, multimode, autonomous forklift solution that grows alongside your workforce.

We had a great time at Automate 2024!

See how our Shared Autonomy Platform™ with fully autonomous reach trucks keeps humans in the loop, delivers ROI while keeping operators out of harm’s way.

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Third Wave Automation’s Shared Autonomy Platform™ combines hybrid autonomous forklift vehicles and intelligent fleet management with remote operation and assistance capabilities to provide holistic materials handling solutions that improve over time. We’ve created a flexible autonomous warehouse system that adapts to your workflow.

TWA’s technology solution provides an efficient, scalable system that delivers general, robust, precise, and correct automated movement of material and inventory. Leveraging adaptive automation, shared autonomy, and continuous learning, the system performs dynamically in any environment, becoming more agile and efficient over time.

Modes Of Operation

Autonomous, remote assist, remote operation, manual –you decide how to deploy your fleet.


Hands-free automation allows one warehouse supervisor to operate up to ten trucks at a time.


Assists are delivered using a straightforward user interface and prioritized in order of impact to the operation.


Multiple camera views, including telemetry data and driver assistance features, make it easy to focus on the job.


The TWA System offers flexibility that lets you decide how to deploy your fleet.

We had a great time at Automate 2024!

Chicago, IL | May 6 - 9, 2024

See how Shared Autonomy (fully autonomous reach trucks and humans in the loop) is delivering ROI while multiplying human potential.

Interested in dipping your toe into forklift automation but don’t know where to begin?

After a surprise debut of their TWA Reach at MODEX 2022, Third Wave Automation is back and ready to revolutionize how you look at automation with our new, 6 part webinar series, “A Fork in the Road”. 


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Ready to let your team drive automation?

We’re Taking Automation to the Next Dimension with 3D Perception Technology

TWA Forklifts rely on extremely powerful 3D lidars, cameras, and sensors to know their location in a facility, detect obstacles, and navigate safely in a constantly changing environment. With 360 degree views and no blind spots, you can create a safer, more efficient work environment for your employees.