Flexible Automation Adoption for Third Party Logistics and What it Means for Your Business

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Third Wave Automation is headed back to CSCMP Edge 2024 in Kissimmee, FL, and again, we’re bringing friends! Join us on Monday, October 2nd at 2pm as we discuss flexible automation for third party logistics companies and the benefits that you probably haven’t even thought of. Automation adoption is commonly associated with improving efficiency, accuracy, […]

National Forklift Safety Day 2023

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Each year on the second Tuesday of June, we celebrate National Forklift Safety Day. This year being the 10th anniversary, we decided to pay tribute by taking the week to count down the top 7 most common forklift safety accidents and how we at Third Wave Automation tackle each problem. 7th Most Common Forklift Accident: […]

What is an Autonomous Forklift Truck?

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An autonomous forklift truck, also known as a self-driving forklift, is a type of material handling equipment that can navigate and operate without the need for a human operator. These machines use a combination of sensors, cameras, and advanced software to navigate and perform tasks such as loading and unloading materials, transporting goods, and stacking […]

Robots Make Work Easier For Humans

Working on a warehouse floor is physically demanding work. It can leave employees worn out, aching, and sometimes needing time off to heal mentally and physically. Warehouse workers are often required to work second or third shifts, holidays, and/or weekends. Recruiting for these positions is one of a company’s biggest challenges. Robots are one of […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Warehouses Need Autonomous Forklifts

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Now more than ever, warehouses are an essential component of today’s supply chain industry. However, as warehouse operations continue to grow in scale and complexity, the need for efficient and effective logistics solutions becomes increasingly important. But the one that has really taken front and center in recent years is the use of autonomous forklifts. […]

Multimode Autonomous Forklift’s 101: 6 Immediate Benefits

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In today’s ever-evolving supply chain solutions industry, automated forklifts are quickly becoming the front and center star. Many companies offer AMR or AGV pallet movers, but what they lack is the automated aspect of having an AMR or AGV place pallets onto their AMR. Although many companies have tried, nothing can replace the forklift. Multimode […]

Third Wave Automation Announces Strategic Investment from Qualcomm Ventures & Zebra Technologies

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Funding to Drive Product Development and Market Expansion as TWA Reach Forklift Automation Solution Expands Pilot Program UNION CITY, Calif. – February 15, 2023 – Third Wave Automation (TWA), provider of high-reach autonomous forklifts, today announced a strategic investment by Qualcomm Ventures and Zebra Technologies, bringing total funding to $70 million. “The increasing adoption of […]

Third Wave Automation Back From Supply Chain Show, CSCMP Edge

Third Wave Automation is back from a packed week at CSCMP Edge 2022 in Nashville! Between three speaking engagements and a booth sponsorship, we’ve come away from the show with new friendships, partnerships, conversations and a lot to think about. But more than ever, with the realization and confirmation that now more than ever, a […]

A Day in the Life of Third Wave

My name is Gui Cavalcanti, and I’m a Senior Technical Program Manager here at Third Wave Automation. It’s my job to make sure we’re doing the right work at the right time to meet our company milestones, and come up with plans, backup plans, and backup backup plans if (and when) things go wrong – […]

Third Wave Automation Announces Membership to MHI’s The Robotics Group

Third Wave Automation is excited to announce its membership with MHI’s The Robotics Group (TRG). Founded in 2018 as the newest industry group with MHI, members of TRG are leading manufacturers, integrators, consultants, and component suppliers of robotic solutions designed specifically for warehousing and distribution applications. With its mission statement being, “…to inspire user confidence […]