Third Wave Automation to Showcase Live Demo of Autonomous Forklifts at Modex 2024

Addition of Extended Reach Forklifts Combined with Field-Proven Shared Automation Platform Enable TWA to Deliver Immediate ROI and Tackle Warehouse Labor Challenges

UNION CITY, Calif. – March 7, 2024 – Third Wave Automation, provider of autonomous forklifts powered by Shared Autonomy, today announced that it will provide a live demonstration of its autonomous TWA Reach forklifts and introduce the TWA Extended Reach forklift at Modex 2024, March 11-14 in Atlanta. With its Shared Autonomy platform, Armada fleet management system and multi-mode forklifts deployed commercially, Third Wave Automation enables warehouse operators to address labor challenges and improve safety, while achieving an immediate return on investment (ROI).

“Third Wave Automation customers like C.H. Robinson Worldwide have experienced first-hand that shared autonomy is smart autonomy. By offering a solution that supports both fully autonomous forklifts and the ability for remote operators to take over when needed, Third Wave Automation can drive greater productivity at existing staffing levels, while improving safety and operational flexibility,” said Arshan Poursohi, Third Wave Automation’s co-founder and CEO. “Third Wave Automation’s AI platform and forklifts are field proven and already in action moving pallets for our customers. Our remote management capabilities have resulted in easy resolution of countless operational problems – like debris on the floor and damaged pallets – that would have stopped other autonomy solutions in their tracks. The addition of the TWA Extended Reach forklift to our product line will allow our customers to manage more of their warehouse operations, more efficiently.” 

Expanding Line of Smart Autonomous Forklifts

During Modex 2024, Third Wave Automation will put the TWA Reach in action, showcasing real-world applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics for autonomous forklifts in a warehouse scenario. The TWA Reach product line offers users maximum flexibility, with the ability to deploy the forklift in four modes: fully autonomous, remote assist, remote operation and traditional manual operation. The forklifts operate on Third Wave Automation’s Shared Autonomy Platform, which supports remote operations via the Armada intelligent fleet management system and continuous learning that improves performance over time.

The TWA Reach can operate in 10+ foot aisles up to 366 inches high, moving products from staging lane to rack and back with no handoff to other systems or humans. With its adaptive navigation and 360-degree view of the warehouse, the TWA Reach can operate alongside people in dynamic environments without interrupting operations.

The new autonomous TWA Extended Reach extends these capabilities 2x, allowing for the benefits of shared autonomy to apply to even more payloads and racking configurations.  

Delivering Value in Dynamic Material Handling Environments

Third Wave Automation provides ROI from day one. Using automotive-grade 3D lidar, Third Wave Automation is able to see from floor to roof and across aisles. Rather than needing months to plot out fixed environments, Third Wave Automation can map warehouses and put the solution to work in a matter of days. 

Third Wave Automation also helps improve efficiency of existing warehouse staff. Autonomous operation that delivers human-level performance and quick response by remote operators, who are able to manage a fleet of forklifts from a single dashboard, can improve pallet movement and throughput. 

Third Wave Automation offers Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), which provides access to their solution without capital outlay. The RaaS offering bundles the cost of running the autonomous forklifts into a simple fee, enabling users to scale based on operational needs and incorporating performance objections that incentivize continued improvements.

A Pioneer in Warehouse Automation

Third Wave Automation is a pioneer in materials handling automation, bringing its AI platform and shared autonomy technology to autonomous forklifts. The company’s founders, who worked together within Google’s robotics group and at the Toyota Research Institute, shared a vision for the future of robotics and the concept of shared autonomy. They set out to find a market for their technology — not on the road, but in a structured environment where robots and humans could work together for a greater purpose.

In 2021, Third Wave Automation partnered with Toyota Industries Corporation to produce next-generation autonomous materials handling vehicles. Later that year, Third Wave Automation raised a Series B round of funding led by Norwest Venture Partners with participation from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Eclipse and Toyota Ventures, to commercialize their shared automation technology. Today its solutions are being actively used by companies such as C.H. Robinson Worldwide. 

Find Third Wave at Modex

To learn more about Third Wave Automation and see the live demo, visit Modex booth C2585 in Building C, Level 1.

Third Wave Automation also will be leading sessions in the Emerging Technologies Theater:

To set up a meeting with Third Wave Automation at Modex, email or visit

About Third Wave Automation

Third Wave Automation was founded in 2018 in Union City, Calif., to alleviate increasing supply chain stress using intelligent automation products and services. Third Wave Automation’s products, the TWA Reach and TWA Extended Reach, are the only forklift automation solutions on the market today that offers users the flexibility to deploy their fleet in four modes – fully autonomous, remote operation, remote assist and manual operation. Third Wave Automation brings people and automated systems together to improve throughput, efficiency and safety beyond what people or automation could achieve alone.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a shared autonomy platform, Third Wave Automation’s Armada fleet management system provides the visibility and tools needed to effectively manage fleets of automated forklifts and respond to edge cases in a timely and effective manner. The Third Wave Automation solution easily integrates into existing workflows with no costly infrastructure changes commonly required by traditional automation solutions and gives customers an immediate impact with benefits from day one. For more information, visit

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